Borrowing from the Library

Who can borrow?
  • Staff of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development have full access to the library and its collections.
  • Please contact the Librarian    for further information.
What can be borrowed?
  • The General Collection (books and journals).
  • The Authorized Learning Resource collection is a depository collection but materials can be borrowed.
  • Reference materials are for in-house use only.
 Signing items out from the library.
  • Library books have sign out cards at the back inside cover.
  • Please fill out the card with the following information: date and full name (printed or written legibly).
  • Journals/magazines are signed out at the register at the Information Desk. 
How many items can be signed out at one time?
  • There is no limit on the number of items signed out.
  • Please be mindful of others who are working in the same subject area and may also need to consult these materials.
Overdue items and loan periods.
  • The library does not charge for overdue items.
  • Books and periodcals have a THREE WEEK (3) loan period.
  • Items borrowed from the Authorized Learning Resources Collection may be used for a longer period.