About the Library

The Library at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is a rich resource for all departmental staff. We have a large variety of print and electronic resources for your research needs. 

The Collection

  • The Library has a specialized collection to support your research needs.  
  • The collection consists of books, journals, reports, curriculum guides, and reference materials pertaining to topics such as educational policy, teaching, assessment, literacy, technology, child development, and much more!
  • The Healthy Workplace collection, consisting of health, wellness, and personal interest materials. These materials are selected and purchased by the Healthy Workplace Committee. 

Our journal collection consists of print and online resources on topics such as education, policy, language studies, teaching, etc. Print editions are shelved alphabetically by title.

  • The library also houses the ALR (Authorized Learning Resources) collection.  
  • This unique collection consists of English and French language materials approved for use in Nova Scotia schools. 
  • Resources are added to the collection only after careful evaluation and analysis by teachers and consultants. 

The ALR collection is arranged alphabetically by subject and grade level.  Please ask for staff assistance.

Our Staff

  • Our staff consists of a Librarian, Lynda Silver   (424-5264) and a Library Technician, Visnja Parker (424-4290). 
  • Visit our Services page for a complete listing of what we can do to help you!